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Night and Day Trading Sessions +22.25 Points with Responsible Day Trading

day trading habits trading recaps Feb 03, 2021

How’s it hanging folks?  So, I did trade some Monday Night and the following session, so you can get a rundown of all that in the video.  Definitely had a little patience issues in a few area BUT I’m really satisfied with the way I’m managing my risk.  I was using a 1.25 risk and was DEAD SET on never changing it—but as the markets have shift, so has it been necessary to shift my risk a bit.  In this business you MUST be open to change or you might as well just go ahead and hand over your life’s savings to “the cause.”

After some time and research, I moved it to 2.5 points and can usually bring it in pretty quickly to keep the risk lower in different situations.  Once of the good things about increasing my risk is, I’m also increasing my targets…. Bigger risk means bigger reward here for SURE!  Flowing with the market has to come with balance and when the risk to reward ratio is out of whack, the profits will be as well.  As it should be.  It can be a little hard to stomach the change at first (especially if you’re increasing contracts)  but in this situation, the juice is definitely worth the extra squeeze.

Now, speaking of out of whack, in the video, I share with you the 5 things that I ask myself EVERY morning before I trade to determine if I’m actually in a position to trade… Things to make sure I am FULLY prepared to stay in flow as I dive off into the waters, instead of trying to kill myself swimming upstream.  I want to always make sure my mind is on point and that I’m prepared to give the market the attention it deserves, otherwise— I just might be in a little over my head.

Well peeps, I don’t have trading on the agenda for the next 2 days, so unless I free up some time, I hope to catch y’all around on Friday!  Much love beautiful people and stay responsible my friends!


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